Rainbow Trust Xmas Float Donation

As many of you know that we recently had our xmas float collection for the Rainbow Trust in Station Road. Due to your generosity we today presented them with a cheque for £3168.97 which was very welcome by the charity. Over the last 8 years we have raised a total of £20,000 with our xmas float collection.

The Rainbow Trust also have their own long term target of reaching £1m by the end of April and are only £25,000 away from this target. Hopefully this donation will help them reach their goal as well.

This year was a challenge finding drivers to tow the float and our apologies if we did not get down your road as there are a number of factors that may prevent us such as time, road accessibility, traffic considerations, weather and of course our hard working voluntary collectors.

On behalf of the Residents’ Association, we would like to thank everyone who helped including the drivers, collectors, our santa claus and of course the people that supported and donated to the charity and we wish you all a merry xmas and happy new year.

Cllr Brian Eagling, Cllr Darren Wise, Martin Goode, Irene Lily Eagling

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