A12/M25 Major Junction Scheme – Consultation Postponed

Following an earlier consultation (14 November 2016 to 6 January 2017) on the proposed scheme to improve the flow of traffic at the Brook Street Roundabout (M25/A12), the Stage 2 consultation has now been postponed until further notice

The work, expecting to cost somewhere between £60m and £80m, was not expected to start until April 2020 by which time the hugely disruptive works schemes on the A13 and the Ardleigh Green Bridge (A127) should be completed.

Highways England said: “The next stage in the process was to hold a second consultation in early 2018 to provide further opportunity to give views on the development of the scheme. However, we have decided to postpone this consultation to enable us to further develop our design and to take into account all the key considerations we need to at this stage.”

Further information at:

Info@highwaysengland.co.uk – 0300 123 5000

Or visit the scheme website HERE.

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