Pressures Set to Push Council Tax up by 3.5%

As Council funding continues to shrink, we need to make sure that the money we do spend is done so wisely and in line with the priorities of the community. Setting a balanced budget is extremely difficult against all the competing demands and pressures, however it is vital that we formulate a budget that will provide a decent and affordable service to our residents whilst ensuring our more vulnerable people get the care they deserve. For 2018/19, the proposed overall Council Tax increase is 3.5%. This is made up as follows:

Havering Council                 +1.5%

Mayor of London                 +5.0%

Adult Social Care Precept  +2.0%

The Mayor of London has increased his element by 5% to pay for more police resources. This then gives an overall Council Tax for 2018/19 of £1,658.06 (Band D), an increase of £60.33 or £1.16 per week from 2017/18.

Some key features of the proposed budget are set out below:

  • Central government grant reducing from £12.3m this year to zero by 2020/21
  • Pressures continue in Social Care, Children’s Services and Homelessness
  • A further £1m is required to pay for our waste disposal
  • Public Health Grant reduced by £289,000
  • New Homes Bonus reduced by £2.640m
  • Education Services Grant reduced by £835,000
  • Reflects £56m of savings made since 2014/15
  • Further savings of £2.175m in 2018/19
  • Additional £115,000 channelled into tackling fraud

The Council will meet on February 21st to debate and agree a Budget and Council Tax for 2018/19.

To see the budget proposals and report, please click HERE

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