Crossrail Update for Harold Wood Station

Despite many requests, we are still waiting for MTR Crossrail to provide an update on the opening of Harold Wood Station Ticket Hall. This ongoing saga just continues to run and run and we do not see when this will be completed. This is so frustrating for commuters and residents alike but there has been a distinct lack of communication and correspondence on what is happening at Harold Wood Ticket Hall.

With regards to the public realm works for the plaza at Harold Wood Station, we can confirm that approval to mobilise for construction at Harold Wood Station was granted in October 2018 and since then, the contractor Marlborough has accessed the site and made it ready for works to commence, with some minor enabling works being carried out – for example, the removal of some trees.

In order for the work to commence, approval to start work on site has to come from MTR Crossrail and this approval will not be granted until a full programme of works has been provided. Marlborough are currently engaged in ordering all the necessary components of the scheme, including a kiosk unit which will be used to rehome the current minicab firm which operates at the site. The re-siting of this business is a key step in the critical path, as the construction of the ramp to the plaza outside the station cannot begin until the existing unit has been removed.

Whilst the kiosk has been ordered, the more pressing matter is the installation of the required connections, namely foul water, fresh water, telecoms and electricity and notification from each of these suppliers will be required as to when services can be connected (and disconnected from the current unit), and until that happens no further work can be progressed.

Once the new kiosk has been installed, and the minicab firm is rehomed, it will be possible to issue the programme of works to MTR. This will also include the works to transform the public realm, which will take 26 weeks to complete following the re-siting of the kiosk. Currently, installation of the kiosk is expected by March, which would suggest September as an end date for the works. These dates are not guaranteed and like the ticket hall saga may go beyond these dates.


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