Re-Use Groups – Don’t throw it away, Give it away!

Freegle is an online reuse group that was founded in 2009 with over 2,600,000 members all over the UK, with over 1000 Volunteers and saving nearly 30 Tonnes of waste from landfill in Havering alone last year

Freegle (Free Giving Locally Easily) which runs as a charity, where you can pass on useable items for reuse from cups and saucers to larger items like beds, sofas and white goods. Also bric-a-brac like ornaments, CD/DVD/Videos, small appliances, clothes, baby bits etc, someone out there could want your item. Although Freegle is advertised on the Havering Gov website  there’s still a lot of people that don’t know about Freegle.

Its easy to use Freegle, you easily join your local group post an OFFER or WANTED descripting your item you have/want, mentioning the condition of the item, add a photo if you can, this post then goes out to our 8,000 members of Havering as well as being posted on our main online Freegle page, someone then replies to you via email, asking for the item and when they can come to collect it. So your item then goes for reuse instead of landfill. Everything must be free, no selling allowed.

The developer of Freegle’s web site, Edward is doing a 830 mile trek across the country widest parts from the southernmost point of the UK (the Lizard) to the easternmost (Lowestoft Ness), to raise money for Freegle (Free to use but not free to run), he has already raised over £7500 so far and taking 2½ months to complete.

He was walking pass Harold Wood/Hill on Tuesday the 25th (staying overnight with a Freegle volunteer, Maggie that is owner of Havering, Brentwood and Barking & Dagenham Freegle 3 Local Groups) He is roughly ¾ way to Lowestoft taken as long as 6 weeks up to now, just to reach Romford and with another 200 miles to go. Please sponsor Edward on his Walk and support Freegle


Havering Freegle

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