Can you help?

If you use either Harold Wood Park or Painesbrook play site we need your help!!

If you walk through the parks, run, dog walk, bring the kids to play – each of you can help.

What is Park Watch?

Park Watch is a voluntary community scheme, the idea was initiated through the Friends of Harold Wood Parks, where users of the park wear a high viz vest whilst in our lovely green spaces. We are not a patrol, no training needed just a visual deterrent.

Every person who is allocated a high viz will also be provided with all the police related numbers.

The simple idea is to show a presence in the park, to deter crimes in our green spaces  against our innocent local children and keep our parks a safe and fun zone.

You are not required to intervene with anything you may see, just report it and let the professionals deal with it!!

This scheme may only make a small difference, but it shows a community pulling together, trying to make a difference and if wearing a high viz stops just one mugging / theft or act of violence, helps one vulnerable person, highlights a potential danger or ensures just one child feels more confident  and safe – then it is worth it !!

Please contact Nicky Simmons direct on for more information on signing up or supporting the scheme.

We currently have over 20 members signed up, but the more visual we are – the better deterrent we become.

Thank you to The Chippy as our official sponsor and to Haircraft for supporting Park Watch.

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