Gooshays Green

We saved Gooshays Green

We were delighted that the leader of the Council Cllr Damian White announced at the September Council Meeting that the proposal to sell off the council land and build affordable housing has been withdrawn following ongoing discussions that we have been having. Other councillors may try and claim the credit but here is what we done for the residents of Gooshays and for our residents in Harold Wood that were affected.

  • Fact 1 – we sent a letter opposing the planning application in March 2019
  • Fact 2- we followed this up by email and in writing by opposing the sale of the land in July 2019
  • Fact 3 – we met with campaigners of Gooshays Green and said we will support them the best we could
  • Fact 4 – we published in our September 2019 Bulletin that we would support the residents of Gooshays Green and do all we can to help them
  • Fact 5 – our amendment to a motion on development of this land was focussed purely on Gooshays Green and not on the back of other sites within the borough that the council are looking to develop – we were the only councillors to do this.
  • Fact 6 – we have had ongoing discussions with the Leader on Gooshays Green whilst other councillors have failed to do so.

Cllr Brian Eagling,  Cllr Martin Goode,  Cllr Darren Wise

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