JM3 Dance

JM3 Dance are offering a 6 week long programme starting in January with a mixture of learning my repertoire and completely creative tasks alone or in groups to choreograph a piece together.
The idea is to introduce a different style of dance with a more unique teaching approach which will help develop the students creativity and choreography skills. I’m primarily aiming this at children who are possibly considering dance as a GCSE, A Level or a Degree but who have no idea what to expect.
I found going from dancing as a hobby to studying dance at college and University a massive jump so my aim is to provide a bridge between the two. Having said that I’m confident that the workshops will be beneficial and most importantly enjoyable to students who are not looking to pursue dance at higher education or as a potential career as well.
At JM3 Dance we believe a dancer’s strongest skill is their passion and sometimes dancing in unison is overrated. A performer shines brighter when the movements come from within, which is why we encourage you to dance your heart out …Let your feet follow.

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