Friends of the Homeless

Friends of the Homeless are a local community group based in Romford that set up a stall 3 days a week handing out hot food, drinks, blankets and toiletries to the homeless and we would like to thank Cllr Brian Eagling and Cllr Darren Wise for their kind donation.
It was started by Alexandra Russell and her fiancé Anthony Yallop back in October 2019. After months of trying to find volunteering roles that would work alongside them working full time, the couple decided to set up their own community group. It started small but has flourished in popularity where they feed up to 20 homeless people every night. They also have up to 8 volunteers who walk the streets of Romford looking for homeless with care packages to ensure they get a hot meal and the essentials they need.
The group are not funded and rely on the kindness of friends and family but also fund a lot of what they do themselves.
Due to the growing demand, the group are hoping to purchase a small van that would help them bring all the donations with them each night.
For more information about their community group, please check out their Facebook page Friends of the Homeless or email them at
Please check out our Facebook group Friends of the Homeless for more information

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