As we are all aware that Coronavirus is a serious health matter for everyone and we would ask for residents to keep an eye on our elderly and vulnerable neighbours and residents whilst this outbreak continues. For council issues, we would urge residents to call the council or use the online services if they have queries as many Council staff are likely to be working from home. If matters get much worse and the Council staff are affected then they may need to redeploy staff elsewhere to deal with the key statutory services that it needs to deliver upon. Please use the council website for up to date information and please listen to Government and NHS advice on what to do and not to do during this uncertain period and we wish that all our residents stay safe and healthy.

Please also print the attached pdf document Self Isolating Card and if you know someone self-isolating then please put the card through their door and help the elderly and vulnerable in our society.

Cllrs Eagling, Goode and Wise

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