Tesco Extra Store Gallows Corner Proposal for Housing Development

We have been informed by Weston Homes  that they are undertaking a public consultation prior to making a formal planning application later this year. The proposal is to build 89 New high quality homes, together with car parking spaces within a covered, enclosed and secure car park; and, enhanced green landscaping and tree planting to public footpaths along both Bryant Avenue and Whitelands Way which line the proposed site. As part of the planning process, Weston Homes will be going out to public consultation to seek the views of local residents. The attached newsletter will be sent to households next week. The website will go live for community feedback from 8th April.

Gallows Corner Newsletter v1

Update 11 April – see link below to provide your comments


We would urge residents to write in with their views and also please drop us an email to hwhpra@btinternet.com or haroldwood@hwhpra.org.uk to let us know your views and so that we can keep you informed on any developments with this proposal. We have distributed the attached letter locally to residents in the area. Tesco proposed development


  1. This cannot possibly happen! I have lived in Sunflower Way for 19 years. It’s a quiet and safe estate full of families and many pets. I have seen the area become so over populated with the Kings Park Estate being built. The amount of vehicles has increased immensely and we do not have enough schools or GP surgeries in this area to accommodate even more people. A fear is that burglaries could go up, noise levels will increase and traffic will increase immensely polluting the air even more and a potential for more accidents to occur. It is already difficult at times to get out of Sunflower Way! The parking at Tesco is already full up to the brim with cars, what on earth will happen if a housing estate is built! I absolutely do not agree with this proposal and will be writing to whom it may concern once I get a letter.

  2. I am amazed that such a proposal has been made, adding to an already over populated area which has seen numerous housing developments over the years. Unfortunately the infrastructure in the area has not been developed to accommodate the number of new dwellings and extra residents. We have not the hospital capacity, GP capacity, primary or senior school capacity to take any more local developments. The traffic around the area is generally busy, the car park at Tesco is generally busy and these plans are detrimental to area and should not be passed.

  3. Bloody joke. How much more green space do you want to concrete over?? We have too many people living in an over populated area as it is. Why ruin the greens with housing.

  4. I cannot believe that this would even be considered but in this day & age who knows I shop at Tesco & the car park is always busy not matter what time or day the traffic is often queued back regardless of what entrance/exit you use so to propose cutting the car park to accommodate housing is absolutely ludicrous

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