Attempted Mugging

One of our local residents contacted us about an attempted mugging that happened to him over the Easter Weekend. See message below in the Warley Road area.

Last Saturday (April 3rd) afternoon, I returned from shopping at Waitrose and opened my power gate as usual to drive down to my house.

Before I could shut the power gate behind me, there appeared two women with Covid masks in the open gateway waving energetically at me, as if they were friends.

I got out of my car and took a couple of paces towards them, apologising that  I could not recognise them with their masks on.
They continued to wave and then rushed forward, attempting to grab each of my arms and throw me off balance.
Having seen similar stunts pulled by gypsies in Italy, I knew immediately to resist strongly and I shook them off whilst bellowing and swearing at them.
One had, in those very few seconds already undone the clasp on my Rolex, but I thwarted her attempt to steal it.
I guess, having realised I was not going to be an easy target, they turned tail and once out my range, began walking, not running, towards Brentwood so as not to draw too much attention to themselves.
I didn’t pursue them in case one or both had knives, but immediately phoned The EMERGENCY SERVICES number to call the police.
I explained what had happened and gave them very accurate descriptions of the two women, pointing out that as there are no buses on our road, if they were quick they would be sure to catch them.
Police from Brentwood arrived after about 30 minutes. They said they had not seen them on Warley Road but would do two or three more circuits in case they could find them. They then said they would have to pass the matter on to the  K division metropolitan police, who would contact me very shortly, for further action.
I’m still waiting for K division to phone or call.  As always they are useless !
I’m quite sure you will wish to alert other residents that these muggers are operating in the area – and for all I know may have already attacked other householders on their route from the Hornchurch direction.
They are two females, aged between 25 and 35 and of average height, one wearing a dark green Parka  and the other similar, but in mid brown.
One was Asian, of a slightly less than average build, with dark long hair tied in a rolled up bun.
The other had a fair complexion and from the couple of words that she shouted, I’m quite sure she was East European. She was also a little above average build and quite strong.
They showed no fear – appearing to be professional thieves by the speed with which the larger one undid my watch and that the instant they knew I would fight back, they fled fast enough to get away, but quickly reverted to walking calmly and unobtrusively.
 I’m quite sure that if they had seen anybody alone in their front gardens whilst walking up Shepherds Hill, they would’ve considered attacking them similarly.
Residents should particularly not be put off guard by the fact these are youngish, clean looking women, who come at you waving both hands like old friends, but wearing Covid masks so you cannot see their actual faces.

A local resident


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