Friends of Harold Wood Parks

☘️ Community Herb Garden

We are delighted to announce that the community herb garden within Harold Wood Park has now been replanted with herbs ready for the summer!!

This project has been funded and managed by the Friends group and we invite our lovely community to come and pick leaves or a small part of the plant, from the End of the month, to add to their favourite food or drinks!!

Please do not take the whole plant – this is stealing and prevents others the enjoyment.

Massive thanks go to Mike and Di who have worked on buying, designing and planting this garden.
Also thank you to the Upminster garden centre for their donation of a couple of the plants.

Mike will be continuing his hard work by maintaining and watering the garden so please say hello if you see him.

Thank you to the people of our community for the positive comments already given to Mike as he worked on the garden last week – it means a lot to our group.

Next Project – Garden of Thanks

Just waiting for our local council and councillors to sign this off so we can proceed. Although this is another Friends project we need authorisation. Will keep you updated.!!

Stay safe and enjoy our green spaces
Nicky (chair)



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