Proposed Solar Parks






Havering Council has put together a new proposal to pioneer a solar park scheme in the borough. The proposal will create clean, sustainable and renewable energy on a large scale. This means Havering could become the first London borough to produce energy in this way with additional benefits to the local area.

Attached are leaflets that further explains the proposals. The Council would like to have your views on this proposal and will take these views into consideration.

Please email your comments by 31 October 2016 to or write to: The Energy Strategy Team, Town Hall, Main Road, Romford, RM1 4BE. For further information on these proposals visit:

The deadline for comments has also now been extended to Monday 14th November 2016

Also the friends of Dagnam Park are also campaigning against the proposed solar park at Dagnam Park and their website can be accessed by following this link


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  1. Clearly this has not been thought through, just another tick in the box with no thought to the consequence of people and nature. Please scrap this idea and start again before its to late.

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